Free Live Wallpapers For Android Tablet - Free Wallpapers

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There are certain minus when setting up live wallpaper in android mobiles, since it takes memory as well as power of your android device. But, happiness is viewing your android mobile home screen with creatiuve live wallpapers. 

Here we have shared best live wallpapers collection for android devices, you can use it on your Android tablet.

Fairy Tale Live Wallpaper

Fairy tale is dreamy world, you can get unseen live wallpapers in this app. This app gives you 8 fantasy fairy tale background image. Also it enables five kinds of effects - love, bubbles, leaves, stars, raindrops.
Download from Google play

 Galaxy S5 Live Wallpaper

Samsung every time releases its new live wallpaper app in the android app store, now for Galaxy S5 released live wallpaper app which inspires nature photography.

You can see birds on live with this wallpaper and tested with major android devices. Download this app

Aquarium Live Wallpaper

Aquarium live wallpaper have beautiful looking view and it has animated fish and air bubbles which inspires live underwater effect. This app comes as free live wallpaper in app store, you can download this app in google play store

Waterfall Free Live Wallpaper

One of the great app in personalization category, you have wonderful looking nature images here. Also, it has sound of water fall and birds and bubble.

Worth to have free but not pro version, download this app.

Koi Free Live Wallpaper

If you ever seen this app in play store, I bet you are not android lover and you are new to android this app owner has most valuable position in app store and their apps always great. Now this free live wallpaper app too.

You can view live 3D effect in this app, fishes, beautiful backgrounds, and every thing rendered with creative water effect supports multi touch.


6 Best Android Smartphones Under 20,000 In India

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Android smartphones has wide range of usage in India than other smartphones such as Apple, Windows. There is always gadget users used to search for low rate and medium rate android smartphones. Here we have compiled best 6 android gadgets that under 20,000 rupees. Mentioned prices are in Indian rupees here all gadget.

1. Moto G

Moto G is recently released smartphone which expected with iPhone specifications and its done great part in recent release. Phone by Motorola a google company. Phone has good rating over experience millions of user until now. Best part in this phone is you don't worry about your old android device data you can transfer all your old phone data to this phone with option Migrate.

Phone has ultimate feature of you can upgrade current version of jelly bean to kitkat while it available.  Kitkat has voice navigation support that's awesome which been expecting experience now. Smartphone key features listed below and its available in two different specifications 8GB and 16GB model. 
  •  5 MP Primary Camera and 1.3 MP Secondary Camera
  • Android v4.3 (Jelly Bean) OS
  • 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 Quad Core Processor and 1 GB RAM
  •  Dual SIM (GSM + GSM)
  •  HD Recording
  •  4.5-inch HD Display
  • Wi-Fi Enabled You can create you own Wifi hub
  • 8GB or 16 GB Internal Memory
  •  Rate : 13999/- For 16GB and 12499/- 8GB
Note : For Axis Bank Credit 10% Cash back offer available in flipart

2. Samsung Galaxy Grand i9082

Worth having below 20000 smartphone by Samsung available in white and black models. its gear with 8MP and larger size screen of 5 inch capacitive touch. 3G calling facility with dual sim. It cost 17248/-rupees.
Key Features :
  • 1.2 GHz Dual Core Processor
  • 5-inch Capacitive Touchscreen
  • Slim Design Ensuring Portability
  • Dual SIM (GSM + GSM)
  • 8 MP Primary Camera and 2 MP Secondary Camera
  • Android v4.1 (Jelly Bean) OS

3. Micromax Canvas 4 A210

Micromax canvas 4 A210  quad core cortex A7 processor, it has good looking functional with Android Jelly bean. Phone price reduced almost 30% now 15450/-. Few features of this phone specified below.

  • 13 MP primary camera
  • HD recording
  • Wi-Fi 
  • Expandable storage of 32 GB
  • Secondary camera 5 Mp
  • Internet connectivity 3g, GPRS, EDGE

4. Samsung Galaxy Core I826

Samsung galaxy I826 is samsung android smartphone which comes lowcost of 11182/- and its coming with 1 year manufacturer warranty.

  • Smart Dual Active SIM (GSM + GSM)
  • 5 MP Primary Camera
  • 0.3 MP Secondary Camera
  • 4.3-inch TFT LCD Capacitive Touchscreen
  • 1.2 GHz Dual Core Processor
  • Android v4.1 (Jelly Bean) OS
  • Expandable Storage Capacity of 32 GB
  • Wi-Fi Enabled

5. Sony Xperia C 

Sony xperia c started its rating above 20k now this available for below 20 k and its worth of pay since it has fabulous features. Sony looks classy in this phone, mobile available in black, white, purple colors but those are not big success except black. Sony though comes great features white and purple model doesn't look great as concern of many reply who bought this phone.

6. Moto E

In the series of return Motorola this is another Moto phone which cost only 7000/- and the features equal to 11000/- worth. And google brand name comes with this phone the only missing is front camera this phone. This phone has dual sim with both 3G. 
Android v4.4 (KitKat) OS
Wi-Fi Enabled
FM Radio
1.2 GHz MSM8x10 Dual Core Processor
Dual Standby SIM (GSM + GSM
5 MP Primary Camera
4.3-inch Touchscreen


In What Way Do The Juicers Differ

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Types and models of juicers

So you decided to make a juice by yourself and you want to buy a good juicer. Don't think that they all are the same because it is wrong. They differ greatly because some of them have more options than the others. If you want to choose the right juicer then our tips will help you to do this.But first of all you need to check out reviews of juicers because not all of them are equally good, I do this at wikitalks.com usually, because it is non-commercial site with pretty honest reviews of real consumers.

Do you know what the juicer is?

Well, a juicer is a kitchen device. It can be either electrical or manual. It serves to extract juice from vegetables and fruits. There exist such types as masticating, centrifugal juicers and twin and manual presses.

What is the use of juice extracting?

Fresh juice is very useful for your health because it is rich in vitamins and micro elements. They are preserved in raw fruits and when you extract the juice then all these nutrients are digested easier and the effect is much better.

So, let's look at all the types of juicers:

•  Masticating juicer converts the fruit and pushes it down the tube where the grid releases the juice. Then the flesh is pushed out through the tube.

•  Centrifugal juicer is the best known among the other models and it is considered to be one of the oldest. The fruit is pushed down the tube into a spinning capacity. In this capacity little teeth are situated. They serve to grind the food. The grinded mass produces juice with the help of centrifugal force.

•  Press is the most common and simple type of juicers. It is also called citrus press and it can be either manual or electrical. You cut a citrus fruit into two halves and then press it down the reamer. It will twist and produce the juice.

What distinguishes one juicer from another?

It is scientifically proven that masticating juicer tend to be healthier for your health due to the fact that more juice is extracted. It is also proven that the juice extracted with the help of this type of juicer stays fresh longer and contains more nutrients.

Why we are not juicing?

It has been mentioned that juicing has a lot of positive qualities but due to the presence of sugar in fruits it can be harmful for those people who have to control their sugar balance. If a large amount of sugar contained in fruits falls into the blood it provokes the raise a person's blood sugar.


Aimersoft Free YouTube Video Downloader For Mac Review

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YouTube has vital role in video sharing market and huge number of people looking for download videos from YouTube unlimited without any interference. Like windows, Mac does not have much familiar softwares to download videos from online. But, pretty softwares such as Aimersoft free YouTube downloader significantly designed for Mac, helps to make possible to download  YouTube videos unlimited.

We are introducing Aimersoft video downloader for mac to download YouTube videos on the way you surf online.

About Aimersoft Free YouTube Downloader

One of best part of this software is fast and easy to use. You can download videos with one click. Aimersoft YouTube downloader is video downloading application which been supported platform in mac operating system versions till current release Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7, 10.8 and 10.9 (Mavericks). In addition this software supporting major browsers such as Mozilla, Google chrome, Safari.

Notable Features Of Aimersoft Free YouTube Downloader

  • You can download bulk videos from your play list and watch later list directly.
  • We delighted on this application it has good speed of downloading and you can manage all of your downloads with help of neat look User Interface.
  • You can download all pixel rates, HD video formats from YouTube and other video sharing sites. Even more you can download HTML5 videos too.
  • You can schedule your downloads and shut down your system automatically when its accomplished. This exact feature helps us to manage downloads even in more work timings also even it does well while you sleeping.
  • It has inbuilt high definition video player so you can play your best videos here.

Best Usage Tips 

Once You have installed this Aimersoft free video downloader for mac software, there are three main feature ways to download your favorite videos from YouTube.
  1. Downloader is so smart to fetch download link from YouTube while you surfing. It does automatically no need to panic your self.
  2. This is the time to choose your video quality, if you need to select few other video quality other than native standards you viewing, you can simply click Download pane at top of the video, then after selection of your requirement format download will begin.
  3. Third one is copy paste idea, you can simply copy paste YouTube video link to downloader program UI. Also, you can click and drag URL to program pane if you don't want copy paste.
You can choose premium version too if you want to download videos beyond Youtube and premium supports 1000+ websites, converting video files, sound extraction from video files and more features on it.

 We recommending this software highly since there is no other video downloader application providing this much of features. 


Movavi Video Converter, Converts Your File In Ultimate Speed

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Every second video files uploaded in Youtube, Vimeo, videos sharing in Instagram and other social networks gradually increasing. If you take example of most familiar video sharing website Youtube.com, 100 hours of quality videos uploaded in every minute and more than 6 billion hours videos watched on Youtube every month. Here, as referred Google Support YouTube has restriction that not all files can be uploaded, you have to convert your videos that supports Youtube home formats before you upload.

Since importance is high that make sure your video bear all platforms here Software such as Movavi video converter helps you to convert video files as you wanted formats without loss of data. Here, In this article we are introducing one of the best software developed by Movavi

We love to share this kind of converting software which is paid service. since there are so many free software available, I recommend you this Movavi video converter upgrade to paid once you done with trial. 

About Movavi Video Converter

Basically Movavi Video Converter is a video converting software by Movavi. This software helps to convert your file almost that compatible for all platforms of web and devices formats. Movavi video converter is well known for its speed and reliable loss less conversion in required format levels.

Highlighted Features

  • Supports Devices of Compute Unified Device Architecture(CUDA) which is a parallel computing platform by NVIDIA. Helps to convert your file as fast as possible and it doesn't disturb other process running in your system
  • There are 180+ formats supported and almost all well known device platforms. Click below to view more about all supported format list.
  • The great part of this software is speed of usage and even not having NVIDIA on your device it performs in greater speed and with NVIDIA it takes next level of conversion speed.
  • You can simply click which device you want to play and supported the video and software cares about your converted video quality. 
  • One biggest advantage of this software is it would not eat your current process more so you would not worry about other processes. 
  • Special encoded technology that boost your processors speed while your conversion taking place, so you can feel 79x speed than other software's in market.
  • In addition of above features you can do some editing on your video files such as cropping, adjusting videos directions clockwise and counter clockwise.
  • You can view preview of video and other formats before process gets started. And you can do multiple video processing at the same instant.

Download It Now

You can download this software from here, you can use trial version for 30 days then you can do upgrade to paid. One of delighted thing is Movavi comes with often discounts so don't forget to get this wonderful software.


6 Must Do Tips To Increase Your Website Traffic

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When we come into blogging as earn money. First thing behalf of adsense is you have to bring traffic to your website. So selecting right keywords make your blog traffic stable in search engines but sometimes you have worked keyword might fall if any other competitor brand website outrank you.

Your site easily outranked by brand websites if you have not done any link building for your post pages. But sometime this is not possible also you are in position to increase traffic to your website.

Here below activities help you increase your traffic to your website and you don't need to care about competitors too.

Keyword Selection

Choosing right keywords is presenting way in blog important role it takes. Most tough part in keyword selection is already millions of keywords written by top website, think and read regularly other websites which is related your niche and news, so take occupy next big keyword. Its just idea that worked best for my previous post, see below screenshot.

Smart Title keyword Usage

You can see above screenshot, I don't think so there is better title usage I have handled with my blogger blog it got third position on my required keyword. I can show few examples but above one is enough to make you understand. Your keyword you should include in title, permalink, description naturally.

Promote maximum strategy 

I will release new post on this strategy, its just out line. You have chances to promote your website entirely to get awareness of all people in your industry. Talk about your website, talk about your brand, promote your brand, advertise your brand maximum as you can do.

Create Brand That Make Magnet To bring Traffic 

You can view there are most known brands we know quicksprout.com, problogger such as  these bloggers are making huge traffic by fame and brand name. Yes, its not possible in one day we know but be a shameless promoter, promote your products as well as you so this activity automatically brings you quality traffic. I can give one example one my friend featured in Television that he has good blog, and after his blog increased almost 300% traffic. 

Social Sites Bookmarking

You can increase your website traffic tremendously by using social bookmarking sites such as stumblepon, reddit, facebook, twitter and more. Don't simply share your website links instead share some interesting things in these social bookmarking sites that increase your engagement more so your site link also get more value when your other links get more valued. 


8 Best Websites To Learn Blogging

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Are you blogger?
Are you want learn blogging?
Are you want to earn money by Blogging?

Here top blogging sites to learn blogging and SEO. They are already earning millions of dollars in online. You can find these most to bloggers are turned their instant media into standard career like pro blogger. Yes, I'm too. When I was in 21 these blogging sites helped me recover my illusion to continue blogging or not.

10 Top Websites To Learn Blogging and More: 

1. Labnol

There is no doubt if you want to be best in blogging not only you should learn how to write killer articles also you should practice your development skill here labnol.org powered by Amit Agarwal guiding blogging and other development related stuff.

2. Pro blogger.net

Problogger.net guide you how to blogging and money making ideas related stuff. I used read his blog even on my office timings and his wordings are fabulous making recover hope most of a time. Sometime I could see unwanted like he write one title about another 10 post he already written in his blog.

Ok! Its good idea to get a flow of traffic in older posts but it's not good who reads his site often. Obiviously I concur Problogger is such a remarkable blog. You need to read regularly to increase your blogging skills.

3. Hongkiat

As I have described already you shouldn't be not only blogger now a days you should  learn tech stuff then only you can survive so Hongkiat is best of the blog learn those things with blogging. Hongkiat is exploring content in web design, photoshop, and more. You can find more inspirational works from Hongkiat.

4. SEO Moz 

As above bloggers are earning huge income since they created standard income channel from their websites. To stand in SEO and  marketing this site help you lot in learning. Are you beginner? Are you new to content marketing? Are you new to SEO? You can find more beginners guide related  content and advanced guide from here.

5. All Tech Buzz.net

If you want to make money seriously this is best place to learn blogging as well as learn how to make money blogging, this my all time favorite blog which maintaining by Imran Uddin Indian young entrepreneur, can you imagine 20 year old boy making huge number of people blogging best.

6. QuickSprout.com

This website runs by Neil patel, you can read it from his blog page. He is blogging and web marketing master that we can say more than this but go to this site and learn blogging daily. He updates his blog regularly twice or three times per week and he always comes with new idea to make better blogging.

7. Backlinko.com

Backlinko by Brian Dean, he writes about SEO that includes case studies of link building, white hat methods and on page seo, methods to get back link. Special part of this blog is he always bring advanced guide to build backlink's that ever seen in other websites.

8. Shout Me Loud

Famous Indian pro blogger he is nearly getting like labnol.org. Shoutmeloud by harsh agarwal who left his job continue to blogging as his main income stream. Already millions of bloggers following him he writes about blogging, money making tips in his blog and more about marketing blog.


Google Page Layout Algorithm Recovery Tips and How To Avoid

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Google rolled out its third update page layout algorithm recently. I took this update little seriously than other Google algorithm since I worried this update I may get on my head.

But fortunately its not affected surprisingly its improved my traffic than previous though its not expected behavior in this update since few of my competitors site got affected my site few keywords ranked higher and one of my site keyword took first page on Google previously it was in second page.

Here tips to reduce this algorithm effects on your site and how to recover your site if its affected.

What is This Google Page Layout Update

Normally Google always engaged to release page rank and SERP algorithm update regularly sometimes known to webmasters sometimes its not(Based discussions in SEO Round table ). Now Google released page layout update twice already January 13, 2012 and October 9, 2012 and now Feb'6, 2013.

This will impact of below 1% searches on below criteria sites will be affected. Google changed this algorithm as refresh of previous versions since it gets reports from users about page layout they are landing from search engines websites has more advertisements on fold so its difficult content and ads on their site. So we are announcing this update affects sites which are using too many ads on top fold with extent degree will get affected. And we agree sites to display ads on above fold is best way to monetize but more ads on above fold is not good user experience. 

These words asked my inner voice why this is best user experience. :)
Ok. Its time to think about our user side too, I don't like to spoil my user experience any more as it always :)

How To Know If Your Site affected?

  1. Go to Your Google Analytic's and check whether your site traffic is reduced suddenly.  
  2. Check your major keywords SERP in Moonsy keyword checker
  3. If your site has more ads on above fold, these are the signals to get affected. 

Steps To Recover Page Layout Algorithm and Tips To Avoid

  • Remove ads on above fold is top recommenced action.
  • Google automatically crawl your site in regular time, so you can expect update in next crawl else crawl again from Google webmaster.
  • Little user experience always important, better revise your site template again whether responsive or not. It should suitable for both mobile and desktop viewers. 
  • Too many ads in single page always not good idea, but where we can make money id its not so be ready to think from user view.