Top 10 Direct Advertisers for your Website or Blog To Earn More Money

Posted by Gobi zen
Direct Advertisers on your blog or website is the best way to monetize your authorship, so always question is how to get direct advertisers and who are the top direct advertisers.

Classifieds are the best way to get revenue from your blog and getting commission for another product which displaying on your web. Direct advertisers also evolve from you, you can display from your site for ad on other site. 

Make sure you can access directly advertisers and follow up conditions applicable offer by them, now here after your website reaches more visitors, so you can ready for direct advertisement.

Direct visitors are important for any website or blog few direct visitors always worth when compared to more indirect visitors. For direct visitors on your blog, build reputed content on your website.

Unique visitors always valuable that you can show up advertisers about your website traffic that gives big skylark for their product. Before that learn to market and know the techniques what to do for your business.

Set a Thump on your advertisers

1. Create a rules like one who has studied law, user agreement like a phenomenon which helps your advertisers understand you are giving only perfect solution and the right way.

2. Available always about their suggestion and management advertise on your blog by technical and non-technical.[Study of People Management, Time management]

3. Give detailed agreement about financials, choose amount you offer per month for each ad units, tell which are the ad units and which type of ads only acceptable for your website, instruct or get information way of transaction for your ad campaign.  

4. Keep alive on some nightmare advertisers would not pay amount for your campaign if there are not satisfied, so clearly mention and give a way to return on investment opportunity else choose right advertisers who are significant good for map on your web.

5.  Manage the time of ad will display on your site and aware when you need to remove ad and replace or extend ad unit.

Structure of Amount  for direct advertisers you can offer:

1. Pay per click - choose the advertisement campaign which you afford to give on the particular amount for pay per click, get reliable pay per click for your web.

2. Pay per time - offers money you accept, mostly more direct advertisers use this way, they will pay per month amount.

3. Cost per impression phenomenon based on the impression on your web it starts form thousand and there more impression more revenue.

choose option two which afford good and it will stable for your web, I have found many using this type of ad, sure you can invent new techniques.

How to Get Direct Advertisers

After learning on make ready your website or blog for direct advertisement in above headings, now the time to how to get the direct advertisers for your website and which is the right way to pull out more evident customer.

1. First way is you might have think, this is the bad way of getting direct advertisers but it worth too, why you are not follow up, so surf online on biggest web or blog they have already direct advertisers, you can approach them for your blog if you are eligible to accept for them.

2. Approach direct advertisers on internet, direct advertisers website are there create account on their site you can get them on your web. Below next title top direct advertisers are specified.

3. Check affiliate programs like Amazon Affiliate, Microsoft Affiliate, Flipkart(India's Number one online shopping store), share a sale.

4. Check on social, most big people would not be sylvan, they available in social surly.  

5. Have Contact us page , contact details on about us page on your site that for advertising contact, make a number that can available any time from the world.

6. Have Advertise on us Unit space on your blog or web that navigate advertisement request form or you are using direct advertisement website.

7. Talk more on content and offer best SEO content, build more content and have best about your blog or web on about us page.      

Top Direct Advertisers for your web or blog

1. Buy Sell Ads

There is no more option better for your website that offers a best rate of Advertisement, sure they will offer reliable rate for blog, they accept your blog if only reaches maximum visitors, by navigating buysellads.com you can learn everything about buy sell. 

You can get the advertisement for your website, RSS feed, tweet, mobile app, Email.

This is the finest person thinking alternative Google Adsense.

2. Blog Ads

Blog Ads are another important network, Blog ads are specialized  in advertising for blog sites. You can set up your own ads bid, so advertiser let you once you have qualified to display ads in your website. I you want to get approval from buy sell ads and blog ads you need more impression.(You should turn million page views)

3. You can Set Up Your Advertsing  

You can set up your advertising channel in your website, so they can directly purchase ads from your site. Keep your site clean before applying this tools. You can set up from here, but takes cost too. But, if you running more impression then these tools are effective upon that.


iSocket is the largest network in the world for both advertisers and publishers. We have found it takes more works to get approval, Again it counts on impression monthly you are running.

5. Publicity Clerks 

Its easy to get approval from Publicist clerk, You might be running small business blog so you can make it as better income channel as I'm doing here. Publicity clerks give you decent income though you have less traffic. Before that I have updated this place with crank ads but unfortunately they have closed their direct advertising network.


All The best to get more direct advertising opportunity to your website/blog. Strive hard to be best in your website with impression and quality. Let me know in comments If I left any information you have found.


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